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Martin Lewis warns drivers to check their licence to avoid £1,000 fine

Consumer guru Martin Lewis is asking drivers to check their licence to make sure it’s valid.

Martin Lewis has issued a warning to drivers

Martin Lewis has issued a warning to drivers

The founder of warned there are two million people across the country with an expired photo driving licence who may not be aware that it usually expires after 10 years. Anyone caught carrying an expired licence could be handed a fine for £1,000.

However, this penalty can be avoided by motorists carrying out a quick check. If your licence is about to run out, renewing it online costs just £14 (£17 for postal renewals). It is quick and should see your new licence arrive within a week, according to guidance on GOV.UK.

Martin shared the warning in the latest edition of the ( newsletter as part of his ‘14 quick financial fitness exercises to gain pounds (£100s of them)’ guidance. In the advice guide the financial guru urged everyone to give their wallet or purse an “annual check-up” and check cards or products for a quick cash boost, reports the Daily Record.

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